The purpose of this project was to be able to not only design, but write the copy for a book. This book is an autobiographical look into my senior year in college, living with three guys. I was involved in every element of the creation of this book from beginning to end.
The concept came easily to me–I was basically living in a sitcom at the time. So, I wrote about my experiences with three of my favorite people. I set all of the type for each chapter, paying attention to margins, columns, and spacing. I also had the opportunity to create all of the illustrations for the inside. Drawing was never my strongest skill so I embraced that and made silly caricatures of the puppets we made for ourselves.
I then got to meet with a professional book binder to observe the process and have my book bound into a hardcover format. I chose the color and fabric for the outside of the cover as well as the end pages and foil stamping and then created the dust jacket to go over it at the end.
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