Since May of 2022 I have volunteered with the Animal Rescue Foundation of Illinois (ARF-IL) which is based in my current hometown of Wheaton. Though most of my time is spent as a cat foster, I offered my services to their marketing team as part of my volunteer work.
When I was having trouble getting one of my kittens adopted, I created a flyer to bring along to events when I was not able to take her. The ARF marketing team saw that flyer and reached out to ask if I could make some for other cats and kittens that had been waiting for a long time. Many times these cats get overlooked because they are too fearful to be placed in a PetSmart cat center, too stressed at adoption events, or because they have extra medical or behavioral needs that keep them in their foster homes. Naturally, it is harder to get these cats adopted out since they are less visible.
These flyers were designed so they could easily print them out at home or at their main office and are now taken to foster events and hung in our partner PetSmart and Pet Supplies Plus stores so that these cats can get more public exposure without having to endure the stress of traveling. These flyers have helped over a dozen cats and kittens find their forever homes since their creation and because I created a template, I can make more or update them easily on demand.
If you are looking to add a new member to your family or if you are looking for opportunities to volunteer, you can find listings of all available cats and dogs and more information at
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